Villasuso Partners & Associates, began under the concept of forming a Multidisciplinary Services Consortium for the timely fulfillment of the needs and requirements of its clients. Our modern and effective service is formed by highly qualified professionals and specialized team in different areas of advising comprehensively to enterprises, institutions and general public.

We are a Consortium in the process of expansion, distinct by unity and dynamism of its strategic partners, associates and support staff, as well as great knowledge and vast experience in various areas of law and notarized, banking and financial sector, real estate, Topography, Architecture, consultancy in economics and commerce , psychology, sociology and public health.

Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services

We work every day and we strive to consolidate as a successful Consortium, we focus on overcoming the expectations of our clients, through a customized delivery of our work, as well as the continuous updating of knowledge, in order to provide a solid assistance to address clients needs.

In all our cases, Villasuso Partners & Associates develops a meticulous professional work, faithfully committed to verifiably and through obtaining the required results for our clients.  
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