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Accounting and financial Areas

Villasuso Partners & Associates advices and consultancy in the fields of Banking, Finance and Accounting; providing a flexible and dynamic service; constantly updated to accomplish the appropriate business development and personal activities.

Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services
Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services

We advise people who plan their business future, the company that is looking for practical solutions for businesses, or the investor who wants to maximize its profits, taking advantage of the departure of markets, proposing legal structures, financial accounting and taxes in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Among the services offered include consulting, assistance and preparation of documentation
relating to:

·Project Financing

·Corporate credit operations, personal credits, mortgage credit, pledge and trust
·Legal, banking and financial documentation
·Tables of warranty registration procedures and credits
·Debt Restructuring
·Processes for recovery debts
·Collateral warranties, mortgages and trusts

In the corporate area, Accounting, Financial and Tax

· Consulting, Accounting and Auditing Consulting, Financial and Taxes
Regulatory assessment and pre-feasibility studies and financial and operational feasibility.

· Preparation and Evaluation Investment and financial facilities
· General accounts on a personal level and corporate
· Update accounts sum unpaid
· Budgets and Cash Flows
· Preparation of accounting information and financial credits for personal and business in public and private institutions
· Audits in Finance and Accounting.
· Accounting and financial training for companies and individuals
· Preparation and submission statements of income, sales and accounting information
· Legalization of accounting official books, legal and any other mandatory accounting document.
· Certificate of income, financial statements and debit balances  
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