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Villasuso Partners & Associates is a consortium composed by a diverse range of professionals specialized in different areas of today's law, we offer our clients the best knowledge, by making them available when they decided to give us their trust.

Each case commissioned by our clients, is the MOST IMPORTANT, each case is a challenge and every problem has a solution.
In our pool we have entrusted their affairs to companies and individuals, agencies, institutions and organizations in different fields. We offer our clients the following services in the branch of law:

Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services
Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services


Our consortium as a business practice and corporate law provide advice on a wide range of issues affecting corporate and industrial foreign and national clients, who has business in Costa Rica, we specialize in the following areas:


The team VP & A provides all necessary support for the constitution of any legal entity for the protection or creation of wealth of our clients.

Our program includes the possibility of setting up joint stock companies, limited liability companies, private foundations, associations, trusts and other institutions that will give legal support to the creation of the company including mergers and acquisitions.

We also advise our clients in coordinating ordinary and extraordinary general shareholders meetings, preparation of records, making decisions, appearance and advisory sessions and business meetings.


We provide services exclusively in the private area of law. Our training and experience make us qualified to offer quality services in preparing and drafting contracts of all kinds. The practice of signing includes negotiations and development contracts, and any type of financial documents, including administrative contracts, civil, labor and business, as well as those belonging to specialized fields such as copyright or trademark law.

Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services


VP & A advises its clients in immigration matters in the Republic of Costa Rica, handling formalities for obtaining the labor, investor and retired residence.

We offer consulting services in connection with extensions or permits, exit and entry, residence and naturalization applications for the benefit of our clients to acquire special migratory status.

Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services
Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services


We offer our professional services in the field of intangible property, managing legal advice in areas such as copyright, trademarks, brand cattle, patents, trade secrets, and licenses, variety of plants, industrial designs and utility models.

Our professionals combine the experience of intellectual property law with the new trends in international trade law.


We are dedicated to legal services throughout the process of protecting the expression of the idea, including its registration in the National Registry. We also advise licenses, contracts and consulting business plan to exploit the economic rights of artistic expression.


We provide legal advice on the registration of any brand. VP & A has a team that specializes in intellectual property which will provide full support to our clients not just in the process of registration of a trademark, but also in the development of all agreements, licenses, and mechanisms to ensure an excellent reputation and position in the market.


We attach professional advice in the field of protection of ideas, which means patents, industrial designs and utility models, with relevant entities, including the exploitation of these ideas through licensing. We engage in marketing and business plan of our clients with the intention of making the intangible asset a project highly profitable.


We provide clients for the veterinary pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products in the pharmacy department of the Ministry of Health, we also advise on the process of registration of health food products in the Ministry of Health.

Villasuso Partners & Associates. Real Estate, CPA, Laws, General Services


The theoretical and practical knowledge possessed by members of the Consortium VP & A makes us ideal for exercising the legal representation, efficiently, in all areas of Private Law, Civil, Family and Business Processes and Ordinaries Process, Copyright litigation, Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights, Process Opposition of Nullity and Canceling Marks, as well as Labor Law.


Our consortium has a team of specialists in notarial and registration law, which are legally empowered to set various acts and legal transactions, as well as form, declaring, transmit, modify and extinguish property rights.


We offers a complete range of tools and practical solutions to your employer- employee relation in a more efficient and reliable manner, we provide our clients the following services:

.Preparation of individual employment contracts.
.Developing Mutual Agreements.
.Calculating employment benefits.
.Representations in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, in processes of individual and collective reconciliations
.Preparation and handling of Working Internal Regulations
.Mediation and arbitration.
.Representation in labor disputes.
.Employees Registration before the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS)


We are specialists in validations of academic documentation and legalization of any foreign documentation in order to be used in Costa Rica.  
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